About Us

Royal Builders over 15 Years of Experience

Royal Builders is yet another company providing high quality services under the Royal Services brand. All of our employees aim for excellence and dedicate their time to making your life easier. With craftsmanship which is second to none in London, our staff provides the value that you are looking for. Big and small projects are welcome and there isn't anything too complex or too fancy for our lads to do. We turn houses into homes and tiles and bathroom fixtures into masterpieces. Look no further and get in touch for a free viewing and a bathroom or kitchen remodeling quote.

Our Team

Deyan Hristov

Bathroom remodeling, Kitchen remodeling, others.

Deyan was the first person we recruited and one of the founding members of Royal Builders. He's been the dinamo that has propelled the brand into what it is today and one of the reasons we get glowing review after glowing review on all rating websites.

Deni Ivanov

Business Development and Marketing

Deni has been the person leading the charge in the vast online space. He has been working tirelessly to ensure that our brand gets the necessary prominence for people to see. If you're reading this text, this means he has something to do with it.

DH Bathrooms and Kitchens ltd. T/A Royal Builders