Bathroom Fitters London

Fittings and Installations

We can install all types of tiles in whatever pattern you wish. Our professional bathroom fitters in London have a vast knowledge and tons of experience in working with different types and sizes of tiles from ceramic tiles to granite tiles. There's nothing too complicated or too simple to do and we offer a really competitive pricing, which you can easily get familiarized with if you give us a call.
Bathtubs Fittings and Installations
Need a bathtub installed? Well we can do that as well. As long as there's space in your bathroom for it, you can count on our expert bathroom fitters to do the job in a timely manner - clean, tidy and without any hassle.
Shower tray
Looking to get a shower tray installed? Depending on the type of tray and the measurements of your bathroom this could be a hard to achieve task. Worry not though, as our expert bathroom fitters know what to do in any situation. We've worked in large bathroom and small ones as well, which has helped us find the easiest and most convinient and quick ways to perform shower tray installation.
Nowadays there are literally hundreds of shower models available to buy and the choice is so vast, it could take months for you to decide how your shower should look and feel. Once you have gone through that process though, it comes time for this shower to be installed and believe it or not this is the more challenging part. We have worked with the big brand names and with designer showers alike. Although the jist of it is the same, certain products require a touch of a bathroom fitting master and this is exactly what you get when you get your bathroom fitting done by one of our associates.
Toilet bowls
Sitting on the toilet is a ritual of itself for some people and no wonder it is, considering the average Brit spends about 3 hours and 9 minutes on the toilet every single week. That's why selecting the toilet is an important decision to make. Once you've selected it, it's also important to make sure it's securely bolted down to the ground as no one likes a wobbly toilet.
Lights and spotlights
Every part of the lighting in your bathroom is also a job we'll gladly do. From making the cuts for the lights and fixtures, to making sure all of the cables are secure and insulated, we do it all. You can expect a bright and well lit bathroom and with the help and suggestions of our bathroom fitting experts, you can get the project improved. We've seen literally hunders of bathroom and know exactly where, how much and from what angle the light should be coming from. Good lighting is important, especially if the bathroom does not have any natural light coming in and we can can not only bring this part of the project to life, but do it great as well.
Extractor fans
If you do not have any windows to the outside of the bathroom, it's crucial that you make the right selection when it comes to the extractor fan. Extractor fans need to have enough power and a sufficient air debit, depending on your bathroom and we can suggest a lot of great products depending on your bathroom's specific size and dimensions. Don't make the purchase before getting the opinion of at least one professional bathroom fitter in London. The weather in the city and the overall humidity can make it nearly impossible for your bathroom to dry without the proper extractor fan, which makes this an important decision you don't want to overlook.
Bathroom furniture and accessories
The furniture and accessories are totally up to your personal preference and requirements, but in case they need to be securely bolted or attached to the walls, you'll need the help of a bathroom fitter for that as well. Most bathroom accessories require drilling holes in the tiles, which isn't something you'll be able to do yourself, which is why it's generally a great idea to choose those and prepare them before the bathroom fitting or refurbishment has been completed.

Refurbishment and Repairs

Replacement of floor and wall boards
Replacing tiles is generally a hard task, even if you are able to find the exact same tiles. All of our London bathroom fitters are fully equipped and able to perform the task if necessary.
Laying new floor tiles
Replacing your floor tiles only isn't the easiest thing to achieve and we recommend performing a full bathroom refurbishment in most cases, especially considering the price of the tile replacement, which is quite an expensive service. That being said if a client is determined to only replace the bathroom's floor tiles, we are able to assist with this particular task in any part of London, no matter where your property is located. Although most of our staff of bathroom fitters is in North London, we have bathroom fitters in South West London and the Eastern parts of the city as well. You can find out more about our coverage below
Repairs for damaged floors and walls
We not only offer repairs after the damage has already been done, but also offer preventive waterproofing of your bathroom to avoid damage and headaches from forgetting the water running or anything of that sort. It's an inexpensive service, yet a service which more and more people are looking into, in order to ensure their homes are safe from being flooded.
Applying new wall tiles
Applying the new tiles is obviously one of the main things we do as bathroom fitters in London. It's a task which requires not only serious equipment, but a lot of knowledge to be done precisely how you imagine it. That's why it's really important that you only trust professionals for the work. People that have proven themselves over the years, just like us (ideally us).
Plumbing and Electrical work
If the plumbing or the electrial grid of the bathroom has not been replaced for years, it's definitely best to get them done as well. It never fails to amaze how poorly designed outdated electical grid can cause fires even in your bathroom and old plumbing could turn a bathroom into a natural disaster. Make sure that you get yours up to date and up to the latest regulations and requirements to avoid problems with insurance companies as well.
Plastering and dry-lining walls
We often tackle bathrooms which need total refurbishment from the ground up. This rarely means only taking off old tiles and putting on new ones. It means we basically tear the walls down and the floor up to set up the foundations for a beautiful new bathroom which will stand the tests of time and would serve you well throughout the years. After all, how often do you remodel your bathroom?
Painting and decorating
Nowadays most people only think of tiles when it comes to refurbishing a bathroom and everything from top to bottom is being redone with tiles. Still occasionally we get a client who wants the upper half of his bathroom painted and this is really refreshing to see. It often brings color and different textures to the bathroom and makes it look a bit different from your average one, which is why this is also a service we offer along with all other bathroom fitting services we do in London.

  • Pricing

    Work Type Average Price
    Bathroom tile fitting £25 per sq.m (prices heavily subjected to quality and pricing of tiles being used)
    Bathroom extractor fan fitting £40
    Lighting fixture installation £15 per fixture (prices subjected to type of lighting fixtures)
    Bathtub installation £180
    Electrical installation for your bathroom £100
    Additional accessories to be installed £10 per drill
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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Do you offer free viewing
    We do indeed. Performing a bathroom refurbishment is a task which requires detailed inspection of the current condition as well as taking appropriate measurements to help determine the final cost of the project
    Can you work without supervision?
    All of our bathroom fitters in London have years of experience and are true professionals that you can count on to perform a top-notch job, without the need of any supervision from you. We understand that life is busy especially in London and we don't expect you to take a few days off just to watch every tile being put on the wall. We simply require a brief explanation and a printed project to follow and in a few days you'll see it brought to life.
    What do you require to start?
    We require running water and electricity to be available in the property. We bring our own power tools and equipment to do the job, we simply need the client to supply the materials.
    Could you buy additional materials yourself if necessary?
    Of course! In case any additional materials such as tile adhesive is required, the bathroom fitter working in your home in London can purchase it himself and we'll bill you for it at the end when the project is completed. Of course, this will be discussed with you prior to the purchase, to avoid any misunderstandings.

Covered Areas in London where our bathroom fitters work

  • City of London
  • Westminster
  • Kensington
  • Kensington and Chelsea
  • Fulham and Hammersmith
  • Wandsworth
  • Lambeth
  • Southwark
  • Tower Hamlets
  • Hacknet
  • Islington
  • Camden
  • Brent
  • Ealing
  • Hounslow
  • Richmond
  • Kingston
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